Black Friday LED TV Deals


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November 12, 2013:
Problem with LED TV sets? Too much like reality. In combination with the Bath Salts craze, too many people started trying to jump into the attractive reality of the LED world, which looks like it is happening on the other side of a really clean window. Mass pandemonium..


4K TV Sets:

Seriously? Do you think anyone is really going to offer a sale on 4KTV sets, which are even more freakishly realistic than your 1080p LED TV? Right now 4K or 4096p is a luxury item, and a 50 inch TV runs around $3500 while a really big one might cost 15 grand. You can't handle 4K, and it is not going to be a Black Friday, Black Thursday, or Black Sunday blimp-themed item, so don't even bother looking. Your LED TV is going to be some piece of junk made in North Korea out of spare parts scavenged from old cellphones.

Where are the best 2013 Black Friday deals on LED TV sets?

Expect big crowds looking to grab TV sets off the shelf

If you have ever bought a big TV any other day of the week, you know that you have to get a special trolley to put the TV box on, and you have to park your car in front of the store, and you have to take the car seats out of the car, or you have to ask your friend with the truck to come help you get the TV set and then it is going to rain and the box will dissolve before you get the set home. If you really plan to buy a TV on Black Friday or Black Thursday, make sure you have a game plan so you can schlep the thing home, and through the throng of shoppers and over the trampled bodies of the hapless greeters who were tasked for opening the door in front of a chilled mob of ravenously rabid psychopaths. Also, you may want to buy a few indulgences from New Pope (TM) to cover all the sins you will be committing while you beat back all the other folks trying to get their hands on the 6 LED TVs that have been set out "limited to stock on hand" for the promotion, and since little Timmy is waiting at home with a bad cough that you can't afford to treat because you want to get a TV, you might have to settle for the overpriced floor model since you promised you'd be coming home with a set, and that's how they get ya.

On the day after Thanksgiving, retailers expect to be mobbed by shoppers expecting deals on LED TV sets. These Black Friday shoppers often start waiting in line the night before doors open and will move quickly to secure the limited number of TV sets that are on sale. Many stores deliberately only have a handful of TV sets in stock in order to encourage shoppers who are "already there" to pick out a more expensive set if they are unable to make it to the display with the advertised item. This year, LED TV sets in sizes from 37 to 50 inches are expected to be advertised in Black Friday circulars around the country. In many cases, Black Friday TV set deals feature LED TVs that may be overstocked, discontinued or less popular than better selling models. In the past it has been found that HDTV sets on sale during Black Friday specials were model numbers that aren't typically available, and have fewer features than conventional HDTVs on sale.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Don't get caught up in a Black Friday frenzy for a TV set if you are going to be getting a model that you won't enjoy watching.