Black Friday 3D TV Deals


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November 12, 2013:
Retailers expected to dump unwanted 3DTV models on the unsuspecting public on Black Friday, and there is a rumor that they are saving up all their castoff models in a warehouse just to get rid of them so they don't have to put up with this technological white elephant that nobody wants except for labs that need to simulate migraine headaches and mean pirate wives who want to lord their stereoscopic vision over their one-eyed husbands.


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2013 is the year of Black Thursday and Friday 3D TV Deals

Glasses are extra, but usually a couple pairs included. Sammy Davis Jr. Can't See What The Fuss is About.

Sources indicate that 3D TV sets are expected to be a big Black Friday item, since many big retailers have extra sets in stock because they are more of a fad item than something that most people will really use, and on top of that you have to get a 3D DVD player which may be about the same price as a Blu-Ray player anyway but good luck setting up all the extra apps that come with the thing especially if you are getting a smart 3D tv which has the same stuff and now you are entering all the same information twice in case the Netflix does not work on one but works on the other and then you find yourself going insane and writing run-on sentances to beat the band, and want to create deals that will entice buyers to go for the new medium with more enthusiasm. 3D LED and Plasma TV sets usually lead to sales of new Blu-Ray players that are 3D capable, as well as orders of glasses beyond the 2 pairs that are standard with most sets.

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Special note: A 3D TV set is kind of a commitment, and you may find that there are black friday deals on standard sets that are better in the long run, since most 3D owners still watch standard definition most of the time.