Black Friday TV Deals


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November 12, 2014:
Wal-Mart TV Deals Announced. Of course, people who read the WSJ are usually better off and don't mind waiting around for their 90" TV's with gold remote controls to come off the boat from Switzerland.


Black Thursday:

In 2014 Black Thursday is the new Black Friday. And nobody likes turkey anyway. When buying a HDTV set, you usually are choosing between Plasma, LED, or LCD TV sets. From a general standpoint, Plasma uses more power, and in the past had "burn in" issues that are no longer as much of a problem. LCD gives good resolution, but LCD generally uses less power and offers great resolution. Sometimes the HDTV effect is like you are in the same room, which can be creepy. Apparently people aren't too concerned about the 2012 Prophecy, or the Presidential Election, or anything else, since they are still expected to line up overnight in freezing weather to buy big TV sets for less than they will pay for the Wii U, which also comes out right before Black Friday and has a little screen of its own.

What are the best Black Friday TV Deals?

Interrupt a minimum-wage earner's Thanksgiving so you can clamor over limited quantity sets that probably cost less any day of the week.

Black Friday TV DealsWant to find the best black friday TV deals? You have to do a lot of research. The Black Friday circulars in Thanksgiving Day newspapers are usually "leaked" a few weeks ahead of time, so smart shoppers know where to look for the best TV set sales, including LED, LCD, Plasma, and 3D models. Stores are giving deals on 37 inch, 42 inch, 47 inch, and even 50 inch TV sets. Unfortunately, you probably won't see too many 55", 60", 70" and 80" TV sets as Black Friday deals unless they are limited to a very minor amount on hand, since these models are still more desirable to shoppers, and they are very large. Some of the bigger new TVs are going for up to $4000, so there isn't going to be a discount for foreign shoppers.As a rule, these sets are heavily discounted and only a few are in stock, so it pays to line up extra early to get the best savings for in-store specials. Online shoppers may still have to wake up extra early to find great sales that start at 3AM on selected websites.

For the Year 2013, the Black Thursday phenom is hitting its stride, so now people are buying their 55" and 60" TV sets on Turkey day instead of hanging out in the cold on the night after to get their sets. Either way, the whole thing is pretty stupid, and Thanksgiving has lost its original meaning of being forced to spend time with family members that you may already see 3 times a week already, or flying across the country to see people that you moved away from for a very good reason. Even speaking from the viewpoint of someone who thinks that stores can be open whenever they please, it seems idiotic for shoppers to deny other people the day off that they insist on having themselves. If you're going to make store employees work on a holiday, this means that you should cheerfully work on one of these days yourself, and on top of that be 200% more productive than on an average workday.

Why do they call it Black Friday? In a nutshell, retailers have referred to the Friday after Thanksgiving as Black Friday because this supposedly marks the turning point in the year where a store goes from operating "in the red" (or losing money) to being "in the black" (or making money.) Therefore, black friday deals on everything from TV sets to appliances and gifts are essential for stores to entice customers to come in and see their wares. Over the past decade, black friday shopping has become something of a sporting event, and people wait in line at night in the cold for a chance at a couple of good bargains. Black friday circulars get leaked to the press in advance. The dark side of this shopping trend involves a crush at the doors of retailers, and people behaving as they did when Cabbage Patch Kids first became available, where older women would assault children who might have gotten thier hands on a doll. People have even died in the mayhem.

Special Note for 2014: It has come to our attention that many of the TV sets being unloaded for low prices may contain poltegeists and little girls trying to escape from old wells.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Black Friday crowds can be violent, unpredictable, and dangerous. These people are waiting around in the cold all night for limited quantities of merchandise. Many people looking for black friday TV deals are also on the poorer side, and expect this to be the best gift they get for their families on Christmas, so they will be motivated to push, pull, punch, kick, and crush anyone who gets in their way. You may want to ask yourself if a $500 discount on a TV is worth a $5000 hospital/funeral bill.